it is the best feeling I got in the last few years. Following our passion really does wonders to boost our self-motivation (at least it does for me).

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How it all began

My encounter with the art of writing happened way back when I was in high school. The year of the Iraq war, 2003. I had been following the course of events quite a lot. So, one odd day, words started appearing in my mind in the form of rhymes while I was heading home on my school bus. This was first of its kind feeling and I was totally overwhelmed by it. As soon as I reached home, I grabbed a pencil and paper and jotted down whatever came to my mind. Later when I read that, it turned out to be a fine poem (at least according to me). That was the beginning of my journey into the world of poetry and art. I have always been an admirer of literature and had good control over Hindi vocabulary. So I started writing, in the back pages of my school notebooks and eventually in diaries. At first, I was very hesitant to share it with anyone. Then I recited some of those to my family one afternoon. I still remember my brothers making fun of me ( because that’s what siblings are for 😅). But I got encouragement too and I continued to write, mostly in Hindi, and sometimes in English.

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I had become so addicted to writing that I always kept pen and paper beside my pillow, in case I felt the urge to write in the middle of the night. You might call me crazy, but the night was the best time when I wrote some of the pieces which I consider most beautiful of my all creations.

I continued to write until my early graduation days. But then my writing skills got crumbled under college pressure and then eventually I lost touch of my skills by the time I joined my first job. I still wrote sometimes, but it was like 4–5 pages a year of an average(too bad, I know). But my yearning towards literature had not diminished as such. I started reading books and I still do. I love reading, books and articles.

Then 2019 happened

With the new year, came time for new resolutions that never get acted upon normally. This year I promised myself to read more, write more and draw more.

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But still, it was April and yet I did not write a single line. I was too busy in my daily tasks and was working on a presentation that I have been planning to deliver at my workplace. But somehow I was not feeling confident and I was not sure how to start preparing for the speaking part of the presentation. I created examples, I created draft slides, but something made me feel nervous.

That was the time when I had been reading a lot of technical articles on medium and then it struck me. I started writing what I planned to speak and soon I was ready with the blueprint of what I wanted to cover. So I broke it down and wrote my first article. But it was still in draft stage, and since this was my first write up in the last few years, and also first-ever technical article, I was too conscious. I re-read the whole thing, like 100 times before sending it to my brothers to proofread.

My youngest brother has always been, throughout these years, trying to persuade me to resume writing. So he was super happy and excited to read that article.

He gave me a very positive review and told me to think no more, just publish it, and I did it. I published it…

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There has been no looking back ever since. I have published 5 articles since then, 6 counting this one actually.

Although technical writing is different from the poems and stories, both are forms of art. I feel more confident with each published article and it brings a great sense of responsibility too. While publishing articles, we need to do a lot of research, and it also helps, in turn, increase our understanding of the topic. So this has been working out really great for me, since I am always keen to learn new things, and explore new technologies. I have a lot of topics in mind to cover in the future. I am already excited about those as well.

I encourage you too to go ahead and pursue your passion and never give up on any kind of creative habit that you have.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day and good luck. Do tell in comments about your journey towards following your dreams and passion :)

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