Entry into the Kotlin world

Hello everyone, I hope you all are safe and in good health.

Today marks the first day of the #30DaysOfKotlin program by Google Developers India.

Source: Google images

Having almost always coded in JavaScript and associated libraries, this came as an opportunity for me to explore something new. I have heard a lot about Kotlin from friends and colleagues and so I think this is about time I get my hands dirty on it. With very little experience in mobile development, this program will serve as a challenge for me to get acquainted with a new object-oriented programming language, created by programmers and for programmers.

This article is just an introductory post and a reminder for self that I should do this and not fall into procrastination. I am planning to post a series of articles exploring the realm of Kotlin from a JavaScript developer perspective.

The best way to learn is to learn in public.

Hoping to have fun along this journey and sharing the experience with everyone.

Source: Google images

Let me know if you are also participating in this program. Let’s learn together and empower each other 🙌

Happy learning and stay safe everyone 🙏



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Anuradha Kumari

Anuradha Kumari


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