A robot inspecting the 1 and 0 bytes with background text using words like test, process, code, development, quality, result
A robot inspecting the 1 and 0 bytes with background text using words like test, process, code, development, quality, result

Testing is crucial for the success of any product or application. No user wants to use a broken product. Testing is the way to ensure that our product is working properly. Predominantly, there are two ways of testing — manual testing and automated testing.

Today we are going to explore automation testing in JavaScript. We will learn some useful tips which will help create robust automated testing regimens for a JavaScript application.

What is test automation?

Test automation is a software testing mechanism that uses other software, tools, and scripts to run predefined test cases. It reduces manual effort by automating the testing process…

Follow the#AccessibleAdvent hashtag on Twitter and learn from the disabled people and the activists about how to ensure access.

You can also read the content at accessible advent website.


December 2020 saw several advent calendars being published around by the community. My most favorite one is the Accessible Advent. It is a positive and creative campaign started by @GinnyAndT to raise awareness around disability access.

As part of this, Every day in December, people are posting one thing that would make life more accessible for them.

This hashtag belongs to the whole disabled and chronic illness community!

Learn from the content

The tweets…

and the morally right thing to practice

Hi everyone, how are you? If you are able to read this article without having to use any assistive technologies, you should be thankful for that privilege. If you are using assistive technologies and are able to access this article without any issues, that’s your right and it should never be the other way.

Accessibility — the ethical responsilibity by Anuradha Kumari
Accessibility — the ethical responsilibity by Anuradha Kumari

You might or might not have heard about accessibility. Even if you would have heard about it, there might be chances you encountered some of the myths surrounding it which makes it burdensome or complex in general.

Today, we are going to start from the very…

your frontend code needs to be unit tested — by Anuradha Kumari
your frontend code needs to be unit tested — by Anuradha Kumari

Front End testing can be done in multiple ways, like unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing. Today, we are going to explore the importance of unit testing and the tips to test our frontend code.


In my 7+ years of frontend development experience, I have met very few people who are willing to write unit test cases for their code. It is usually optional; something developers take up as a tech task if they have extra time. A lot of people think it a waste of time, effort, and resources.

But, if anything, unit testing is an…

Hi everyone, how are you? Today we are going to configure the prettier and eslint plugins for a React project from scratch.

We will be using VSCode as the default IDE, and all of the extension links in the below section will point to VSCode extensions. If you are using any other IDE, you can find respective extensions on the internet.

Let’s got through the steps one by one in the same order as below. …

Book with text accessibility and a black pen
Book with text accessibility and a black pen
Credits: Image from unsplash + google slide edits

Before we start, I would like to put out a disclaimer:

This article is a summary of my encounter with web accessibility and how I reacted to it. This does not cover the technical aspects of a11y. I will be posting a series of articles focused on the intricacies of web accessibility in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


Ok, let’s get started. Almost a year ago, I was completely ignorant of accessibility. I was a normal web developer, obsessed with JavaScript and fangirling over ReactJs as I was creating a scalable and responsive web application for an online-only bank.


Have you been procrastinating just because you do not feel confident enough?

If yes, then this post is for you. I am here to tell you, to motivate you, to push you to get started anyways. Do not bother about the results, just go for it.

Coffee mug with quote ‘Begin’
Coffee mug with quote ‘Begin’
Source: Unsplash

Getting started

Getting started is the hardest part, it often feels intimidating and challenging. Trust me, almost every writer once faced such doubts. But it did not stop them from publishing their thoughts, their experiences, their knowledge. And it should not stop you too.

Start small and be consistent. You do not need to have a perfect or unique topic to start your blog. Pick a topic you…

#30DaysOfKotlin learning program

The first two weeks of #30DaysOfKotlin have passed and, I am sharing below some basic takeaways from Kotlin from a javaScript developer perspective.

1) Semicolons are optional

just like JavaScript. Although personally, I am not a fan of this optional semicolon feature, but if you are used to skipping those semicolons Kotlin has a warm welcome message right there for you.

PFB a classic hello world function:

fun helloKotlinWorld() {
println("Hello Kotlin world!")
// Hello Kotlin world!

Note the syntax of the function is almost similar, with the keyword function shortened to fun. More on functions later.

2) Strings must be double-quoted

In JavaScript, we have the…

With the #30DaysOfKotlin learning program

Hello everyone, I hope you all are safe and in good health.

Today marks the first day of the #30DaysOfKotlin program by Google Developers India.

Source: Google images

Having almost always coded in JavaScript and associated libraries, this came as an opportunity for me to explore something new. I have heard a lot about Kotlin from friends and colleagues and so I think this is about time I get my hands dirty on it. …

How to get rid of the weird styled component names in test snapshots

Created using powerpoint


If you practice TDD and you have been using styled-components in your React applications, this post could be for you.

This requires some previous knowledge with unit testing React code. If you want to understand the basic of unit testing, please check here.

Let’s start

Find the relevant code examples at github. Clone the repository to follow along, if you want. There are two folders with same example, one of them uses displayName for styled components, while the other doesn’t. We will start with the code which does not contain displayName to understand the issues.

Check the code here - https://github.com/anuk79/UnitTestingReactWithStyledComponents/tree/master/src/pages/without-display-name/user


Anuradha Kumari

Tech enthusiast, Frontend Developer, Accessibility Advocate, MDE @Cloudinary. Creator of explore-a11y.netlify.app/ My motto — ‘Choose RIGHT over easy, always!’

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